UML Business Modelling

"You can model 80 percent of most problems by using about 20 percent of the UML." -- Grady Booch

The paper aims to give a solid starting point into the 20% of UML concepts that are used for business modelling and will hopefully lead to further self learning for what is a broad ranging and versatile subject.
HTTP Introduction and Debugging

HTTP is the single most important technology that drives the web and yet remains virtually transparent.
This article aims to cover the key concepts of HTTP, the tools needed for debugging and where to find the relevant Internet standards for more detail.
TCP/IP State Transition Diagram

Quick reference for the TCP/IP socket states with details from RFC793 and TCP/IP Illustrated Vol 2

Regular Expression Quick Reference

Quick reference for the common regular expression syntax. Aimed at Perl but applicable to Java, TCL, grep etc.

This has been translated to Catalan by Toni Garcia-Die, download here
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